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This is my sweet daughter Caroline..enjoy!

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WARNING: THERE ARE GOING TO BE WAY TOO MANY PHOTOS IN THIS POST. you have been warned. (Moms of the 70s-90s with buckets of photos prints & no where to put them, I GET IT. Oakie is lucky we married in a digital age…)

This Easter has brought us to such a different place than last Easter, but we still went to the same park to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead with our church family here in Japan.IMG_6047

We saw many of the same smiling faces that we saw a year ago, but this year they were nearer & dearer to us; true friends. We sat under the same tree, but this year it was warm & sunny. (I forgot sweaters for Skye & myself & didn’t once need them.) We heard the same glorious story, but this time hearing about how God did all of this to…

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Today would be this beautiful woman’s 83rd birthday. This is my mother. Her name was Bashie Irene Argroves Yarbrough and she was born April 15, 1934. She was one of 15 children, of which only 8 lived to adulthood. She was number 13 and only one of the next two lived. She was born in Gay, Georgia to a carpenter and a homemaker. Her family moved to Columbus when she was 5. She had to quit school when in 8th grade to get a job and help support her family. She always wanted to teach school and one of her greatest joys was teaching my son Jess to read when he was 5 years old. She was a voracious reader and no one could beat her at Scrabble.  Her cooking could rival anyone on the Food Network and there was not a child who didn’t obey her.  She loved my father like no other and would give anyone the shirt off her back. She has been gone for 12 years and I miss her everyday.  I wish you could have all known her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!



I grew up going to church from the time I was born.  It was a mid-sized Southern Baptist church full of sweet people who loved me.  I attended with my parents and four brothers.  I learned to sing hymns from memory, many of which I still know.  That is where I first learned that Jesus loves me. I’ve only attended 6 churches over the course of my life, but I find myself missing that first place I called home.  I miss the hymns and Sunday night church. I miss Wednesday night suppers and full dunk baptisms.  We had homecoming and Vacation Bible School and a choir.  I’m not sure why these long buried memories have surfaced or why the longing for those days is so strong.  I do know that life was simpler then and worries were few.  Sundays were slow and easy.  Mama fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy. And yes there was always sweet tea and cornbread.  Now my family drives an hour to worship, and while there is a Sunday evening service, attending is out of the question because of the distance.  It’s hard to feel a sense of community living so far from everyone, and yet this church too is full of sweet people who care.  We go through lots of changes over the course of our lives, some good and some we wish would never be.  The overriding joy is knowing that my Savior loves me and no matter what changes occur in my life on this earth, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.


Rock of ages, cleft for me

Let me hide myself in thee.



Sort of Political:)

Earlier this week we had some weather.  On Monday it rained, thunder, lightening and maybe a tornado.  Then on Tuesday it was beautiful, but they were telling us look out for Wednesday.  It is going to be worse than Monday!  I guess in some places it was, but not here.  It rained some, it was cloudy and dark but not much else.  The Govenor instructed the mayor to close the schools and it was a ghost town. The old adage, “better safe than sorry” was shouted everywhere. I suppose that argument could be made but I had some different thoughts.  Thoughts that I am sure are out of the main stream.  Do we want to make decisions based on fear of the “what if”?  I have lived in Columbus, GA my entire life and I remember tornado drills where we all huddled in hallways and then I remember when it was real and we did what we had practiced and huddled in hallways but, I never remember closing school for the “what if”. I want our children to always be safe but the reality is that we cannot guarantee 100% safety no matter what we do.  There are always risks.  If we use the logic that prevailed on Wednesday, we will be closing schools and shuttering businesses more than they are open.  We will teach our children to live in fear of the “what if” and to never take a risk.  What if the pilgrims had stayed across the big pond?  What if Lewis and Clark had stayed home?  What if the settlers of the Wild West had remained in the East or the astronauts stayed earthbound?  Where would America be now?  I fear that, as a country, we are losing our courage to step out in faith and do bold things.  We are creating “safe places” on college campuses so our kids need never be offended and teaching them that we must all think the same thoughts and hold the same views or keep our mouths shut for fear that someone will have their feelings hurt.   That is not the America I want for my children and grandchildren.  I want them to be bold and unafraid.  Willing to try big things but that starts with the small things.  We need kids who are risk takers with big ideas but if we are always coddling them they will never get there.  So, should the schools have been closed on Wednesday?  Maybe, but then I guess we need year round school so we can close every time the clouds roll in or it’s too cold or too hot or the conditions just aren’t optimal.  I welcome your thoughts but please keep it clean and nice.  Profane or nasty comments will not be approved for publishing.  Polite dissent is good!



I have decided to try my hand at blogging.  I find myself doing running commentary in my head and have decided to write some of them down.  I may find that no one enjoys them but me and that will be okay.  They may be political or they may be about the two cutest little granddaughters you have ever seen.  Whatever it is, my hope is that you find it entertaining, sometimes informative, but always worthy of your time. So check back in a day or two and see what you find.  Hopefully it will draw you in and become a place you like to sit back with a cup of tea and and spend a few minutes. 

Beth Garcia